How To Book BMTC Bus Passes Online On Tummoc

Together with BMTC, Tummoc offers simple online bus pass booking for daily, weekly, and monthly passes. It’s main objective has always been to simplify daily commuters’ lives. That is now greatly advanced by this.

How to Book BMTC Bus Passes Online

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Read below steps to know how to book BMTC bus passes online on Tummoc app.

STEP 1: Hurry and get the Tummoc app downloaded if you haven’t already! After installation, sign up or log in.

STEP 2: Tap the “BMTC Passes” button on the home screen.

You can also follow: You can use the search function to choose your location, and after you are presented with your route and commute alternatives, you will have the choice of booking your pass.

STEP 3: Choose from the daily, weekly, or monthly pass categories.

STEP 4: Select the pass type. Depending on the pass category, the types differ. The pass types that are now offered on Tummoc are Daily pass, weekly pass and Monthly pass.

STEP 5: It’s time to enter your booking information. You will already have all the information filled in for you. To amend any incorrect personal information, simply tap the “Edit” button and make the appropriate adjustments. Click “Save and Continue” when finished.

STEP 6: The passenger verification phase is now complete. You must upload a selfie for photo verification along with the type and number of the government identification card you’ll be using for travel. Once finished, click “Next.”

STEP 7: Your BMTC bus pass will now be previewed for you. Verify that all of the pass’s and your personal information are correct. Check the box to indicate that everything is in order before tapping the “Make Payment” button.

STEP 8: Your BMTC bus pass will be available to you immediately once you have paid.

That’s all there is to it. Totally hassle-free, contactless, and cashless!

You can use the QR code scanner on your pass screen to validate your pass by scanning the QR code that will be posted on the bus or with the conductor. A conductor will either scan the QR code on your pass or double-check your information and ID if they need to validate your pass.

BMTC Bus Passes Online On Tummoc
BMTC Bus Passes Online On Tummoc

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I haven’t received an OTP to log in. What should I do?

Once you receive the OTP, the Tummoc app will automatically identify it. You can check your SMS inbox if this doesn’t occur. Write to us at [email protected] if you still haven’t received it.

Why do I need to log in?

We can provide you with a personalised and seamless commute experience if you log in to the Tummoc app. You can add money to your wallet and save your favourite places.

What are the different ways to log in?

Tummoc allows you to sign in using either your Google account or your mobile phone and an OTP.

What do I do if the conductor doesn’t have the QR to scan and validate my pass/ticket?

You can manually check the details of your ticket or pass on the Tummoc app if the conductor or LC doesn’t have a QR code. The route specified on the ticket, the validity, the profile image and name, and the dynamic QR code are the details that will be validated.
OR You can check your pass independently by scanning the conductor’s QR code.

What happens if my internet is not working?

You can tell the conductor your ticket number or the registered phone number you used to purchase the ticket/pass if your internet isn’t working. Then, using his app or ETM gadget, he or she will confirm this.

How do I present the pass to the conductor and the line checker?

For the conductor or line checker to validate your ticket, you must provide the ticket or pass from the Tummoc app.
Passes may also require you to provide the ID number from the ID you used to make the pass reservation.

Can I pre-book tickets/passes?

You can, indeed.
The day before you plan to travel must be taken into consideration when ordering tickets or day passes.
Purchases of weekly passes can be made up to two days prior to the commencement of the week for which the pass is being purchased.
When it comes to monthly passes, you have until the 15th of the month to buy one. Starting on the last four days of the previous month, you can pre-order your monthly passes for the next month.

How can I validate my pass inside the bus?

Your ticket or pass can be validated in three different ways.
As soon as you open your pass or ticket on the Tummoc app:
In the Tummoc app, tap the Scan QR button and scan the QR that the conductor displays.
Display your QR code to the conductor so that he or she can scan it with an ETM device or smartphone app.
Permit the conductor to carefully review the information on the ticket or pass to ensure its authenticity and any other important information.

What do I do if my pass has expired?

One day before your pass expires, Tummoc let you know. You have the option of renewing it via the app or purchasing a physical ticket from the conductor with cash.

Can I download my pass or access it offline?

Your BMTC bus pass will be accessible in offline mode on the Tummoc app as well.

Can I cancel my pass purchase and avail a refund?

Your bus pass cannot be cancelled, sorry. It is not refundable and cannot be transferred.

Can the validity of the monthly pass be extended to the next month?

As is customary, monthly passes are only good for that particular month. On the final day of the month, they will become invalid.

Once I’ve booked my pass, how can I use it to travel via BMTC buses?

A dynamic QR code will be produced after a pass has been reserved. This QR code can be used to verify your pass. You must keep the ID card you used to make the reservation with you at all times while travelling.
If for some reason the conductor’s ETM isn’t functioning, you can confirm your pass by scanning the QR code that is available with the conductor.

Is there an option to pay for BMTC bus passes via internet banking, paytm wallet, etc.?

We currently accept payments using UPI. You will soon be able to make payments via Internet banking as well.

If I have purchased a Vayu Vajra Monthly Pass, can I use it to travel via ordinary non-ac buses?

Yes, in the event that you have a monthly pass, bear the following in mind:
If it is a Vajra Gold Pass, Vayu Vajra buses are not included; however, it is valid for regular non-AC buses.
If it is a Vayu Vajra Gold Pass, all AC and non-AC buses are eligible to utilise it.

Do I need to scan the QR code every time I travel via BMTC buses using a digital pass?

Yes, you must scan the QR code each time you use an online pass to board a BMTC bus. You have two options for validating it: either with the conductor or independently using the bus’s built-in QR code. This is due to the fact that you will be using various buses on various dates.

What should I do if the conductor refuses to accept the BMTC pass that I have availed on the Tummoc app?

We regret that you are having this problem. Share the conductor’s token number, the vehicle number, and the route number with us if they won’t take your pass. This will enable us to communicate the information to the relevant department and deal with the problem as soon as possible.

What is the use of Tummoc app?

You can get useful information about all forms of public transportation on Tummoc and reserve rides for your first and last miles. You will soon have access to single-source tickets for use on multiple forms of transportation.

How can I book my BMTC bus pass online?

BMTC Student Pass Application Form 2022, available online at You can fill out the online application form if you are a student of up to 10th grade (State Board), CBSE/ICSE, PUC, aspirant student for a degree, professional, technical, or medical study, or a student at a special school.

How do I contact Bmtc?

Contact information, BMTC Control Room (it is not always possible to get a response from these contact centres; it is preferable to verify their online schedule): Phone numbers: (80) 2295-2522 or (80) 2295-2422. Phone numbers for the BMTC at the Kempegowda Bus Stand are +91-80-2295-2311 and +91-80-2295-2314.

How do I track my bus on Tummoc app?

You can navigate to the first bus stop on the route by tapping the small button next to your source location. By default, this page will display all of the bus stops and schedules in the area. Therefore, you could either choose one of those bus stops or conduct a manual search.

How much is BMTC Daily pass?

Day Pass : Rs 40 (permitted to travel in BMTC’s city , suburban, pushpak/suvarna services for one day) in possession of ID card. Day Pass : Rs 45 (permitted to travel in BMTC’s city, suburban, pushpak/suvarna services for one day ) in non-possession of ID card.

What is the cost of BMTC student pass?

Pass Category
Total Cost (includes processing fee)
Degree & Professional course
Technical & medical

How do I complain to BMTC bus?

Email : complaints[at]mybmtc[dot]com.
Phone : 080-22952522.
Pincode: 560027.

How can I get BMTC bus pass from college?

BENGALURU: Beginning on Monday, college students can apply online for BMTC student passes (2020–21). Online applications will be accessible on the BMTC website and the Sevasindhu portal ( Student permits are available for degree, professional, technical, medical, and evening college students, according to the transportation agency.

Is there any app for BMTC?

App Mybmtc
Both the Android and iOS platforms are supported by this bmtc app. You can get the app from the play store if you use an Android device. You will be able to view a common UI after you open this app. Read more about Bangalore

How can I get my Bmtc ID card online?

claims of exclusive benefits provided to passholders by BMTC, such as accident insurance, etc. To create the connection between the two, the ID card number must be placed in large letters on the monthly commuter pass.

Is BMTC free for students?

Bengaluru: According to BMTC, as a temporary measure till they receive their new passes, students may ride regular buses for free to schools or institutions.

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