9 Must Eat Foods for Bangalore Visitors and Foodies

Must eat foods for Bangalore Visitors

I believe that because I am a resident of our great city and an avid food enthusiast, I am well-qualified to write about this subject that is very dear to my heart: the delicacies that visitors to our lovely city simply cannot and must not miss.

If you’re up for a gastronomic adventure, check out our list of the top 10 dishes for foodies and tourists visiting Bangalore. Let’s get started because even thinking about and writing about these foods makes me hungry.

Here is the list of 9 Must Eat Foods for Bangalore Visitors and Foodies

Puliyogare or tamarind flavoured rice

Must Eat Foods for Bangalore Visitors

I don’t have any favourites because I’m a foodie. However, I have to admit that when I think of Puliyogare, my mouth waters, my eyes become confused, and I smile.

It doesn’t do Puliyogare, a dish that is deeply ingrained in Karnataka’s culinary landscape, justice to describe it as tamarind-flavored rice. Every time I hear someone utter that phrase, I cringe. And this makes it one of the Must Eat Foods for Bangalore Visitors and Foodies.

Although tamarind is the main player, there are several other factors at work as well. The mix of a tonne of spices and the liberal use of sesame oil are responsible for the dish’s rich flavour.

It tastes great when paired with papad and curd.

Visit Puliyogare Point in NR Colony, Basavanagudi, to get the best Puliyogare.

Bisi bele bath or hot lentil rice

Another delicious delight with Karnataka roots is available for your palate. Once more, the translation of this dish’s name—hot lentil rice—does not do it credit.

Undoubtedly, lentil is involved. But what about the vegetables, methi seeds, coriander seeds, cumin, cinnamon, clove, and red chilli? All of these factors work together to give this dish its distinctive flavour. I’m going to tell you something that will make you gasp. I’ve tried a Bisi Bele bath made with over thirty different ingredients.

The bath can be served with chutney, onion raitha, papad, or potato chips, along with a dressing of khara boondi.

To get a delicious Bisi bele bath, go to Halli Mane.

Benne (Butter) Masala Dosa

Must Eat Foods for Bangalore Visitors
Benne Dosa

Not to be mistaken with masala dosas made in the Tamil Nadu manner, which have thinner crusts than those made in Karnataka.

The Benne Masala Dosa has a deliciously crunchy golden brown crust and an interior that is soft but cooked with lots of butter.

Typically, it is served with coconut chutney and plenty of butter.

The Central Tiffin Room (CTR), located on Margosa Road at its K.G. General Hospital end, is the ideal location to experience Benne Masala. These particular dosas have been served here for more than 60 years.

Khali Dosa

This Karnataka delicacy is a smaller, thicker, softer, and spongier variant of the regular dosas (you get 2-3 Khali dosas to a set). Kusubalakki, a rice variety unique to Karnataka, is boiled to give Khali dosa its soft and spongy feel.

It is typically served with chutney, sambar, or saag. Even a gourmet spread will struggle to match the wonderful flavour of the Khali dosa and chutney combination. Then comes the Benne (butter) Khali Dosa, which is topped with a generous amount of butter. Thus makes it one of the must eat foods for Bangalore visitors and foodies.

You should visit Hotel Dwarka in NR Colony, Basavanagudi, for your mouthwatering Khali Dosa.

Ragi Mudde (Finger Millet Ball)

Here, I’m getting a little country. This nutritious, multi-nutrient-rich dish is a Karnataka heritage. This tennis ball-sized Ragi Mudde doesn’t have a distinct flavour on its own. Your taste buds will be delighted by the mix of Muddes and its accompaniments.

Avarekalu (Hyacinth Beans) saaru, Bassaru, Hesarukalu (Green Gram) saaru, or Gojju are excellent accompaniments (a sweet and sour chutney).

Mudde Madappa Mess, Majestic is the best location in Bangalore to purchase ragi mudde.

Idli Vada

Idli and vada are no longer exclusively associated with breakfast. Steaming hot idlis are now accessible throughout the day in Bangalore. Idli Vada is a staple food for some individuals, thus you can believe me when I say that.

Idli pairs nicely with a variety of side dishes, but sambar and coconut chutney are its ideal partners. Sambar, as I use the word, should not be confused with the typical kind found elsewhere. Here, I’m referring to the hint of sweetness that gives Karnataka’s sambar its distinctive flavour (they add Jaggery).

Despite the fact that you can have idli vada anywhere in Bangalore, check out these locations for a heavenly experience:

Veena Stores: Margosa Road, Malleswaram (at the Sankey Tank end of the road).
Brahmin’s Coffee Bar: Near Shankar Mutt, Basavanagudi.

Thatte Idli

In Kannada, “thatte” refers to a plate. As the name implies, these Idlis are roughly 4 inches in diameter and much larger than the typical Idli.

Additionally, sambar, coconut chutney, and (this is the scrumptious part) a generous dollop of handmade butter are served with these delicious fluffy things.

It is impossible to convey the flavour combination of Thatte Idli and handmade butter in words alone. Like Nirvana, you must experience it to understand it. The 10gm blister of Amul butter that I received the last time I tried Thatte Idli, however, was a major turnoff. You decide to be firm and demand handmade butter.

Rava Idli

All inventions are the result of necessity. According to the tale I’ve heard, the primary component of idli, rice, was scarce during World War II. Semolina was used in place of rice at Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR), creating the Rava Idli. And this makes it one of the must eat foods for Bangalore visitors and foodies.

This Karnataka specialty is served with coconut chutney, saagu (a regional mix veg dish), and a generous drizzle of ghee on top. The creators of the dish, Mavalli Tiffin Rooms on Lalbagh Road, are the only ones who can give you the greatest rava idli in town.

Masala Puri

Must Eat Foods for Bangalore Visitors
Masala Puri : Image Source

Although I agree that chaats originated in Uttar Pradesh, Masala Puri actually came from Bangalore.

Even though there are many different chaats to choose from all around India, the masala puri here is the best I’ve ever had outside of Bangalore. I can speak with authority because I am aware of how much I long for a masala puri whenever I leave Bangalore. And I consider this one among the must eat foods for Bangalore visitors and foodies.
Accessible all throughout Bangalore.


a classic crispy sweet dessert from Karnataka. Holige was originally created with coconut and jaggery stuffings, but today you may have it with a variety of stuffings, including dates, kova, dal, and badam, for a range of tastes. And the list of must eat foods for Bangalore visitors and foodies is worthless without Holige.

Ghee should be used liberally when serving holige.

Malleshwaram’s Holige Mane is the location.


What should I take home from Bangalore?

Whether you are travelling to Bangalore for pleasure or on business, make sure to pick up one of these nine items that make the best trinkets.
Sandalwood Products, Mysore Silk Saris, Channapatna Wooden Toys, Coorg Coffee Powder, Mysore Pak, and Dharwad Peda are just a few examples of the products available. Read about must eat foods for Bangalore visitors and Foodies

What is the Speciality of Bangalore?

Bangalore is the source of some of the most excellent and genuine silks. Others refer to it as the East’s or perhaps India’s fashion capital. In Bangalore, you can get a great selection of both traditional silk sarees and modern clothing in places like MG Road and Chikpet.

What sweet is famous in Bangalore?

The Locals’ Choice for the Top 10 Famous Sweets in Bangalore to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Mysuru Pak, Kayi Holige, Badam Halva, Kesari Bath, Kajjaya, Dumrot/Khasi Halva, Rava Unde & Puri Unde (Puffed Rice Ladoo), Halkova, etc.

How can I spend 1 day in Bangalore?

Here is a list of the top Bangalore attractions that may be visited in a single day if you’re planning to explore the city.
A one-day itinerary for Bangalore includes: Cubbon Park, Vidhan Soudha, breakfast at Little Green Cafe, Bangalore Palace, Tipu Sultan’s Palace, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Indiranagar, and more.

What is Karnataka famous food?

Bisi bele bhath, a traditional and well-known dish in Karnataka, is a concoction of rice, lentils, a variety of vegetables, and spices including asafoetida, nutmeg, and curry leaves. In India, a wide range of dosas, including butter dosa, Mysore Masala dosa, and set dosa, are highly well-liked.

What is the culture of Bangalore?

Bangaloreans are the locals who call Bangalore home, and the term encompasses all social classes, religions, and tongues. Hinduism is one of Bangalore’s main faiths. The city commemorates “Karaga Shaktyotsava,” also known as Bangalore Karaga, which is thought to be Bangalore’s oldest celebration.

Which is the famous food in Mysore?

Like other southern Indian cities, Mysore residents take great pride in their dosas, idlis, and vadas. Although there are various versions of these meals, the Udipi style has a significant influence on Mysore cuisine. But not all of it is borrowed.

What is our national food?

India: India lacks a distinct national food as a result of its vast cultural heritage. There were rumours that the Indian government intended to declare khichdi its national dish, however this was eventually disproved.

Which state is famous for jalebi?

In addition to being a favourite snack in Kerala and a morning favourite in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, it is also a favourite dessert at festivals in other regions of North India.

what are must eat foods for Bangalore visitors?

Vadas, dosas, and idlis. Any South Indian will likely respond “dosa” or “idli and vada” when asked what their dream breakfast would be. These delights, which are made from rice flour and urad dal, are sold by street sellers as well as standard restaurant chains around the city.

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Taaza Tindi

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