8 Worst Blogging Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Free SEO

It’s been said over and over again, but it’s worth repeating once more: blogging can be an incredible source of traffic, social proof, and authority if you do it right. But here’s the thing—most people don’t do it right, or at least not completely. These common blogging mistakes make all the difference between those who are succeeding in their blogging endeavors and those who are struggling or making no progress at all.

1) Choosing the wrong niche- Blogging Mistakes

This is one of the biggest blogging mistakes I see people make. There are two main mistakes bloggers make when choosing a niche: (1) they choose a niche with too much competition, and (2) they choose a niche that’s difficult to get traffic from. Without traffic your business will never succeed, so you need to be smart about your choice!

2) Not understanding what people want to read

Do you have any interest in reading your own writing? There is a good chance that others don’t either. Learn what people want to read. Never write content that you would not like to read yourself. If it doesn’t appeal to you, then it won’t appeal to others. Only write about things you enjoy, or else don’t bother writing at all.Blogging Mistakes

3) Not making your blog unique from other blogs

The most obvious of all blogging mistakes is to not making your content unique. Readers will simply visit other blogs if you’re writing about something that’s already been written about 10 times before. No one will come back to read your content unless it offers something that no other site on Earth can provide, so do some research and stand out from everyone else.

4) Being lazy in writing

Almost 80% of bloggers write less than 500 words for a post. If you write less than 500 words for your posts, you should consider revising your methods because most search engines consider long pages spammy. If you want to get free traffic from search engines, you must ensure that every one of your posts contains valuable information and is written in such a way that it makes readers scroll down to the bottom of the page to read everything. This means writing more than 500 words per post.

5) Focusing on the wrong keywords

Using keywords and keyword tools to find your target audience is important, but it’s just as important not to focus on keywords that no one will search for. A lot of bloggers fall into a trap by focusing on phrases that aren’t typically searched for, but these sites still show up in SERPs. Not only are these types of searches not profitable, they also hurt your site’s quality score—which can kill your rankings and traffic over time.

6) Not having enough relevant links

Search engines, especially Google, use links to determine how relevant a page is to a search term. If you don’t have enough links to your site from other sites that are related and trustworthy, it may be difficult for search engines to find your content.

7) Attracting negative users by poorly written content

Poorly written content that can’t be understood by your users will get you nowhere. Write for your users, not search engines, and avoid writing keyword-stuffed articles. If you want to learn more about SEO, check out our free SEO toolkit.

8) Following unsuccessful online marketing methods

If you’re currently running your own online marketing strategy, don’t use outdated methods. While social media is great for building relationships and growing your following, it won’t help you much when it comes to ranking high in Google searches. Put a higher priority on creating higher-quality content that more people want to link to; not just encouraging people to like your posts and repost them across their own social media channels.

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